San Gennaro is here!

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It’s the time of year when Little Italy really comes alive–the Feast of San Gennaro. Every year since 1926, the streets of our neighborhood are taken over by celebrations, performances, rides, games, and of course the procession. Ferrara has always been proud to be a part of the action! Everyone should take a little time […]

Do something special for Mom!


Friends, let’s just take a moment now for our moms. We may laugh and play with all our family and friends, but when it comes to mom, where would any of us be without her? For generations in the Ferrara family, we never miss a chance to give thanks to mom. So on Mothers’ Day […]

You say it ‘s your birthday?


Everybody likes to feel special on their birthday. But more and more, we hear friends saying ‘that’s okay, I don’t need a cake….’ We had a feeling it’s not because they don’t like cake–they just don’t like typical dry, tasteless, ‘birthday’ cake. So, we decided to do something about it, and create Ferrara’s first Birthday […]



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