Ferrara Super Bowl 50

When it comes to big anniversaries and important traditions, the Ferrara family knows how to do things right. So when we realized this year would be the 50th Super Bowl, we decided we wanted to pay proper tribute to the teams that have made NFL football great. Teams led by legends like Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry and Don Shula, just to name a few.

We know a little about teamwork ourselves. Just as Vince could bring together the talents of a great quarterback, running back, O-line and receiver, our baking team work together to create a special “Power Sweep” of our own.

It takes commitment to bring great teams together for the Super Bowl year after year, and we take our commitment seriously year-after-year too. Going on 125 of them, actually!

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And this one’s really special. Yes, this cake is shaped like a football of course, and yes, we spray it gold (edible!) for the golden anniversary. But it’s what’s inside that we really want to shout about: Rich devil’s food cake, with layers of light chocolate mousse, and whipped cannoli cream plus cannoli crunch between every layer and finished with chocolate ganache. Now that’s a touchdown!

And for the extra point, each official Super Bowl 50 Chocolate Cannoli Cake* comes with 12 official NFL cookies (yes, they’re official!), Super Bowl 50 souvenir trophy– all nicely wrapped in gold paper inside of a refrigerated package. Just set it on your kitchen counter and wait for Sunday night (just remember to take it out of the package 5 hours before kickoff).

Come into our café to pick one up for yourself! Can’t make it in? No problem, we deliver all over New York City…and if you’re too far away, we can even ship it!

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