Christmas is here (almost)!


Some people know the holidays are here from the weather, or the decorations. For us at Ferrara, it’s about the smells coming out of the kitchen. You know us Italians, we love to eat! And at Christmas, we truly feast, on all the traditional holiday treats, like struffoli, rainbow cookies and all the favorites on […]

Celebrate St. Joseph’s Day with our special Sfingi


Do you know about the special onomastico (name day) that is Saint Joseph’s Day? This is our celebration of Blessed Mary’s husband Joseph. A traditional pastry is made in his honor for Saint Joseph’s Day. It’s only made until his name day. It’s called a Sfingi di San Giuseppe or Zeppole for short, and if […]

Valentines Day Cannoli Give Away


In the Ferrara family, you better believe we have some romantics. So we take Valentine’s Day seriously. But our traditions may be a little different than yours. For us, dinner is not the thing. We just like to share something sweet (or maybe a little strong) and talk. Join us for a sweet rendezvous and […]



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