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Now that Thanksgiving is over (and we hope you had a great one!), talk around the Ferrara Dinner Table turns to holiday parties and finding gifts for those important business relationships–bosses, coworkers, clients.

One thing we all agree on: we haven’t met a person yet who didn’t like something Ferrara bakes, whether it’s our “world famous” cookie tray, traditional honey-doused Struffoli our special holiday panettone, the savory, heartwarming pizza rustica, or our legendary “holy” cannoli, every party perks up a little when Ferrara makes an appearance on the dinner table.

Our seasonal menu is filled with nostalgia Italian treats that date back three centuries. Order now and we will ship a fresh dessert to your door within days.

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This sweet confection (Known as taiglach in Eastern European countries) is an Italian Favorite. Bite Sized puff pastry is baked (Not Fried) until golden, covered in honey and garnished with candied cinnamon sticks and confetti.

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