Celebrate St. Joseph’s Day with our special Sfingi


Do you know about the special onomastico (name day) that is Saint Joseph’s Day? This is our celebration of Blessed Mary’s husband Joseph. A traditional pastry is made in his honor for Saint Joseph’s Day. It’s only made until his name day. It’s called a Sfingi di San Giuseppe or Zeppole for short, and if you’ve ever had an authentic Zeppole…this is the genuine article.

How do we do it? We make a paste of milk, whole eggs, sugar, and the Ferrara touch, hand piped into circles. We cook them quickly, cool them, cut them open and filled with our Cannoli Cream for a light, creamy delight! Auguri!

And now, you can order these special treats made fresh and delivered straight to you from our kitchen to yours, anywhere in the country!

Share the Special Delight. They are packed as 8 individuals with our Cannoli Cream on the side. Our family has been enjoying this for 125 years.

Fresh from the original Ferrara of New York’s Little Italy for generations. We only do this for a limited time, so don’t miss out.


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