Valentines Day Cannoli Give Away


In the Ferrara family, you better believe we have some romantics. So we take Valentine’s Day seriously. But our traditions may be a little different than yours. For us, dinner is not the thing. We just like to share something sweet (or maybe a little strong) and talk. Join us for a sweet rendezvous and […]

Casatella (Easter Special)


EVER HAD CASATELLA? WE ONLY MAKE IT FOR EASTER! Easter may mean some things to most Americans—Peter Cottontail, chocolate eggs, baskets with cellophane grass—but in the Ferrara family, we look forward to some traditional Italian treats that have been around for generations. Have you ever craved bread? Casatella is one we wait for all year! […]

Gift a Struffoli

struffoli Ferrara

Now that Thanksgiving is over (and we hope you had a great one!), talk around the Ferrara Dinner Table turns to holiday parties and finding gifts for those important business relationships–bosses, coworkers, clients. One thing we all agree on: we haven’t met a person yet who didn’t like something Ferrara bakes, whether it’s our “world […]



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